Development Map

Development of Dual Opioid technology has been focused on products using a 3:2 ratio of morphine and oxycodone. In pre-clinical studies, an analysis of data generated by administering different doses of each opioid in rats indicated a synergistic analgesic interaction between morphine and oxycodone (from Ross et al, 2000). In later studies of various formulations comprised of morphine and oxycodone combinations in humans, it was demonstrated that a 3:2 ratio gave an optimal response with the highest reduction in opioid related side effects. Since those studies, QRxPharma has further advanced its 3:2 morphine / oxycodone product portfolio through numerous clinical trials.

To date, over 800 patients have received QRxPharma’s immediate release Dual Opioid following painful orthopedic surgeries such as bunionectomies, knee replacements and hip replacements. These studies directly compared Q8003 to the most widely prescribed opioids, including morphine alone, oxycodone alone or Percocet® (oxycodone plus acetaminophen) at equivalent pain-relieving doses.

The figure below highlights successive Phase 2 and Phase 3 clinical trials (red) with the periodic meetings QRxPharma.