Company Profile

QRxPharma Limited (ASX: QRX) is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX). On 22 May 2015 the shares of the Company were suspended from trading on the ASX and remain suspended.

The principal activities of the Group has been the development and commercialisation of biopharmaceutical products based on largely Australian research, targeting global markets with the initial efforts being focused on the US and European markets.

On 22 May 2015 the Board of Directors (Board) formed a view that the Company's circumstances rendered its ongoing solvency unlikely and that the best possible interests of shareholders may be achieved by placing the Company into Voluntary Administration. A Deed of Company Arrangement (DOCA) was wholly effectuated on 23 December 2015 returning the management and control of the Company to the Board. The Board is now in a position where all historic liabilities have been accounted for including through the DOCA process and the future focus is identifying the business opportunities that will assist the reinstatement of the Company’s securities to official quotation on the Australian Securities Exchange.